Cape May (plus, FREE Vocations Mini-Expansion)

Cape May (plus, FREE Vocations Mini-Expansion)

In Cape May, players traverse the city streets as entrepreneurs, developing property while building wealth over four seasons to earn prestige.

Build cottages, develop them into Victorian homes, and upgrade them into historic landmarks. Establish shops and grow them into profitable businesses. Carefully move around the city, and make strategic use of activity cards.

Complete bonus goals, then take some time to relax and spot wildlife in the best place for birdwatching in the Northeastern United States.

Whoever best balances their income, development, movement, and personal goals will go down in history as the most successful developer of Cape May!

*** The 11-card Vocations mini-expansion is INCLUDED with your order of Cape May through our website.

NOTE: This item ships from the US. If you are outside of the US, you may be responsible for import tax/duty depending on your location. Unfortunately, we are not able to ship to Russia or Brazil.


1 Game Board
4 Player Boards
1 First Player Token
8 Player Markers
40 Cottage Tokens
40 Shop Tokens
32 Victorian Miniatures
32 Business Miniatures
20 Landmark Bases
1 Lighthouse Miniature
1 Bird Bag
60 Bird Tokens
4 Fire Tokens
4 Income Tokens
4 Prestige Tokens
60 Money Tokens
28 Movement Cards
40 Activity Cards
26 Event Cards
32 Upgrade Cards
23 Bonus Cards
12 Solo Cards

11 card mini-expansion, plus rules card, includes:

1 Rules Card
10 Vocation Cards
1 Event Card