Roll Player: Fiends & Familiars (Expansion) - BIG BOX

Roll Player: Fiends & Familiars (Expansion) - BIG BOX

The second expansion to the critically acclaimed character building game, Roll Player. The Big Box version of Fiends & Familiars contains the same components as the regular version.

NOTE: This item ships from the US. If you are outside of the US, you may be responsible for import tax/duty depending on your location. Unfortunately, we are not able to ship to Russia or Brazil.

Fiends & Familiars does not fit in the base game box with the Monsters & Minions expansion. For fans who want everything in one box, we offer the [Big Box] version of Fiends & Familiars which can hold the Base Game, Monsters & Minions, and Fiends & Familiars.

The [Big Box] will not be available at retail, but will be available through this webstore after release and at gaming conventions, while supplies last.

In Roll Player: Fiends & Familiars, players compete to construct the greatest fantasy characters, now with the help of Familiars and the hindrance of Fiends.

Familiars lend unique powers to their keepers, and along with new goods in the market, offer hope. But all the while, malicious Fiends torment the players with new obstacles.