Roll Player: Guild Hall Expansion Organizer + Monsters & Minions Card Tray

Roll Player: Guild Hall Expansion Organizer + Monsters & Minions Card Tray

This fits within either the regular Fiends & Familiars box, or it sits on top of the Guild Hall insert inside the Big Box. It's designed to hold all the RPFF content, no matter which box you end up carrying the game in.

Check out the video and images below. Prototype and content from the previous expansion are shown as example components in the preview.

- This organizer is only designed to hold Roll Player: Fiends and Familiars expansion. The base game organizer (Roll Player’s Guild Hall) is required to be used in combination with this organizer.
- The Roll Player’s Guild Hall organizer (available to be purchased separately) will hold:
- Roll Player base game and Roll Player: Monster and Minions. (Roll Player’s Guild Hall).
- Market cards from this expansion need to be put into the Card Tray from Roll Player’s Guild Hall organizer.
- The organizer will fit inside the Big Box (with a combination of Roll Player’s Guild Hall organizer).

The features of the Monsters and Minions Card Tray are:
- It holds cards from the following games:
- Monster and Minion cards from Roll Player (1st expansion, 2nd expansion, and Lenticular Monster Cards).
- It holds all the Monster and Minion cards (for the base game and expansions and promos) with sleeves.
- It holds all the lenticular monster cards (without sleeves).

This tray replaces the Monster Tray (from the base game organizer “Roll Player’s Guild Hall”) and the Minion Tray (from our expansion game organizer “Roll Player’s Guild Hall Expansion).

NOTE: This item ships from the US. If you are outside of the US, you may be responsible for import tax/duty depending on your location.