Goblin Vaults (plus, FREE Chaos & Order Promo)

Goblin Vaults (plus, FREE Chaos & Order Promo)

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Goblin Vaults is a strategy card game for 1-5 players featuring bidding, card placement, and scoring patterns. In the game, you wager cards to win loot from the central cell block, then stash that loot wisely in your vault, earning gears based on the position of cards within that vault. You can also gain gears from scoring objectives that change each game.

With cunning and clever scheming, make your bid to be feared amongst your peers! You'll need wits and luck to play your cards right as you fill your vault and influence the warden in your favor. After nine rounds, whoever has the most gears wins!

***By ordering Goblin Vaults from Thunderworks, you'll also receive a promo card - the Chaos & Order goal card - FREE!***

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