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Blend Off! + Mystery Twisters Mini Expansion

$14.95 / On Sale

Blend Off! is a game of skill and speed for two to four players from designer Scot Eaton. Master Mixers roll the die (Kevin) to collect fruit to fill Orders from the deck (Becca). When a Master Mixer's fruit matches the Order, they can blend the ingredients and claim the Order for gold stars. There are no turns; everyone plays at the same time in a race for the finish. The winner is the player with the most gold stars at the end of the game.

The actions the player may take at any time are: Collect, Blend, Dump, and Blunder.

Collect - Roll your die to send Kevin to the fridge for fruit. You may take one of the fruit from the table and put it on one of your Blenders. You don’t have to take the fruit; you may reroll the dice until Kevin brings you what you want.

Dump - You may dump the fruit out of one of your Blenders. Because the fruit is already mixed together, you may not dump just one or two ingredients; you must dump the whole Blender. You may, however, choose to dump one Blender into another, combining ingredients.

Blend - When the fruit in one of your Blenders matches the recipe on one of the faceup Orders, shout out “Blend!”

Blunder - If you catch another player make a mistake like calling “Blend!” with wrong or extra ingredients in their Blender, shout “Blunder!” They must correct their mistake by dumping their Blender and, returning the Order card for their botched recipe to Becca’s deck.

The Mystery Twisters Mini Expansion is a 5 card mini-expansion to add a twist to your game.